Because excitement, the latest dragon are able to turn invisible and likes to eat elves

Chuth: Chuth, “The Emerald Assassin” is in the DD Next adventure Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle. The PCs fight it in the rain. It’s invisible, but with all the water running off of it, it can be seen. It tries to kill or snatch an elf, and then fly off. It hunts elves of royal blood for sport. It can cast feather fall, shield, invisibility (twice per day).

About Go up regarding Tiamat, whether your Pcs do not have the garlands, Chuth swoops out of the waterfall, breathes towards group, following goes back at the rear of brand new waterfall observe what they do (the blindsight permits it to understand the Personal computers from the waterfall). I wound-up just with a legendary dragon strive beyond your lair, also it was extremely.

The ebook once again provides a number of large recommendations and a beneficial directory of giants. The concept listed here is that cult assassins just be sure to just take out of the Personal computers from inside the a community place. That circumstance involves the heroes staying in a developing when a great black dragon tears the latest rooftop of and you may symptoms! Rather cool.

I decided as an alternative to utilize the fresh new yugoloths in the description. My personal Personal computers was basically inside Waterdeep, doing lots of shopping. I additionally had Elia, new gold dragon inside the individual setting, viewing of a large group.

An effective cultist disguised due to the fact an effective beggar reached the fresh heroes, begged for money, following used a great “reddish wizard consumable attraction” so you’re able to summon four mezzoloths and something nycaloth. The adventure says the yugoloths is mercenaries and certainly will be ordered from. My suggestion were to features a disorderly, fun battle from the Waterdeep areas, that have NPCs enabling aside.

I simply such as the idea of with a battle where the Pcs was assaulting an effective dragon while they are on the back from a silver dragon stuffed with air

Your way to your Nether Hills: The silver dragon Elia flies our heroes to meet with dragon leaders. The heroes will have to convince/cajole the dragons into joining the council of Waterdeep. Remember, Elia is a member of the council herself, so the PCs behavior could impact her decision.

Leosin (this new monk harper) and you will Ontharr Frume (of the Buy of the Gauntlet) was in fact with these people, these are precisely what the heroes got read from their current goal

Ardeep Forest: I started reading up on the locations that the PCs will fly near during this trip, and it’s like this bottomless pit of realmslore. The more you read, the more there is to read. The heroes fly close to Ardeep Forest, a magic place protected by The Ladystone. The Ladystone is a magic device that protects the forest from invaders. This obviously screams out for a scenario where the cult is trying to raid the forest and the stone is taxed to the limit and our heroes need to save it.

Dragon Challenge: Somehow, all of our heroes fit on Elia’s back. She must be bigger than normal. My plan is to have our heroes flying along, when two chromatic dragons swoop toward her and attack! I am going to use Chuth (he got away in episode 4) and Arveiaturace, the mate of Arauthator, because my players thought she sounded really cool. Elia will battle Chuth, while our heroes will deal with Arveiaturace.

Others to the Superstar Brackets: The trip takes two days, so I figure the heroes can safely rest on a cave high up in the Star Mounts, which is about halfway to the Nether Mountains. I will have Elia’s ally Aerosclugh protect them while they sleep.

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