In A sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped in order to a chair into the Bardo and you may hooked up so you’re able to an enthusiastic IV trickle

Wearing Disciple armour and you will cloaked, Sheidheda exists from the Anomaly regarding 2nd Dawn Bunker to your Earth

Regarding their standing tied, Sheidheda observe the fresh new conflict ranging from Clarke and you may family relations and the Disciples one comes to an end into Flames permanantly lost and more than everybody leaving to help you help save their friends. Prior to Clarke can get off from the Anomaly, new Black Frontrunner weakly tells Bellamy that he will help Bellamy when the Bellamy support your. Sheidheda sends Bellamy to help you Madi’s sketchbook with the his throne that has had Madi’s drawings of one’s memories she’s been experiencing regarding the almost every other Commanders.

In advance of he can, Gabriel contact the brand new Black Frontrunner off Madi and you may commands the lady to track down help from Indra

Cadgoan, going right on through Madi’s sketchbook, comments your Dark Frontrunner are lucky that Disciples put your to help you Bardo otherwise Sheidheda will be lifeless. Cadgoan requires from the Madi’s illustrations and you may Sheidheda acknowledges one while he didn’t mark them, the guy understands whom performed. Whether or not Cadogan is sift through the latest Dark Commander’s thoughts, he requires exactly what the guy desires alternatively. Sheidheda wants assures that Sanctum is their, they may be able destroy this new Brick as well as the Disciples cannot already been straight back. Cadogan says that Anomaly Stones are indestructible, however, they can provides Sanctum.

Cadogan second thoughts the Dark Commander understands precisely what the paintings mean, but the guy knows that it indicates that someone enjoys memories not their, memories one to Cadogan need to start the final War, a conflict that Sheidheda wants no section of. Cadgoan states you to definitely Sheidheda is part of they whether or not the guy really wants to or not as if they win, they have a tendency to transcend beyond their mortal variations. Yet not, brand new Dark Commander features their the looks and Cadogan informs your that he often transcend even in the event the guy suits the battle. Sheidheda asks whether they have a deal, but Cadogan calls him a trick, advising the new Dark Commander if it eliminate, it won’t matter if the the guy fights or perhaps not or which planet he or she is to the once the most of the peoples tend to die. Sheidheda shows that Madi comes with the recollections and Cadogan understands that Bellamy understood and that try why Clarke slain your.

Sheidheda alerts you to definitely Clarke can’t ever help Cadogan take the girl man and this Cadogan’s strike group may get the kid slain. Sheidheda shows that Cadogan post your rather, proclaiming that he would desired no an element of the struggle before he’d know what was at stake: “transcend otherwise pass away.” This new Black Chief has been doing Madi’s head and you can feels you to definitely he knows the woman better than Madi knows herself once the strike party would not see Madi anyway. Sheidheda promises to get Madi straight back, however their price have to still stand after that. Cadogan releases the Black Leader when you look at the agreement and you will commands him removed towards the Anomaly.

Even when up against Indra, Gaia and you will Octavia exactly who are unable to get a hold of your, the newest Black Chief decides not to ever attack and you can as an alternative to adhere to Octavia right after which Octavia and Clarke in order to find Madi. Immediately after following the one or two to in which Promise, Michael jordan, Murphy and you will Emori is actually gathered in a good worshop, Sheidheda finds out one to Madi is within the rec place. Happy, he shoves Octavia on working area and hair the group inside the.

As Madi and you will Gabriel play the piano on the rec room, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel from the back and face Madi. Preventing Madi’s escape compliment of a vent, Sheidheda suggests themselves, advising her one to she’s the answer to the fresh new transcendence of one’s people which he has already been provided for bring her right back though Sheidheda wants to reign, never to transcend. New Black Frontrunner suggests nanotracking tablets he can use to render her back peacefully, otherwise a blade so you’re able to stab this lady that have to create the woman back by the push in the event the she declines. Attracting his suit’s knife rather, Sheidheda states he would rather abdomen Madi particularly a pig as an alternative. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel once or twice before leaving your so you’re able to die and you can chasing after Madi.

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